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Beaches of Karpathos

Karpathos has a 160 km coastline with countless, quiet, crystal blue and virgin beaches. Many of them are well-organized and some isolated and absolute virgin.

   Afoti is in the middle of the long beach next to Karpathos Town. This sandy and organized beach combines relaxation and sightseeing. There are also a ramp for wheelchairs and special WC. There is also natural shade, umbrellas for hire, is child friendly and 5 minutes away from our apartments.

   Agios Minas  is a long beach, with light pebbles, some sea trees, crystal blue water in a uniwue landscape. To get there you have to drive on a dirt road. While going from Spoa to Olympos there are two intersections that lead to to Agios Minas. It is reccomeded that you take the 2nd intersection as the road is much better. On the top of the beach it is located the church of Agios Minas. You will probably meet other people there and there is also a restaurant. The distance from Karpathos Town is 37km/ 60 min, there are umbrellas to hire but also there is natural shade. The beach is child friendly.

   Agios Nikolaos of Arkasa . The beach of waves, tanning and sunset. Fully organized, with dech chairs, umbrellas, a beach-volley sourt, cafes, mini markets and restaurants next to the beach, shallow waters amd fine sand for beach games and of course, big waves that will make your day there, unforgetable.

   Stay till late as the sunset with a view of the Acropolis of Arkasa, is a unique spectable. the beach is 15,5 km/ 25 min away from Karpathos Town, with umbrellas to hire , showers, it is child friendly but there is not natural shade.

   Agios Nikolaos of Spoa is 28km/ 40 minutes away from Karpathos Town. Even if the road is all the way long asphalt, the turns and the steep mountains will not make you feel so comfortable while driving. For the same reasons, those mountains, with a breathtaking view fo all 28km to plenty of beaches and the wonderful ocean, will make you love your way there. This is the easte way side.

   Agios Nikolaos beach, has actually three beaches, the two first have coarse sand and pebbles and the last one pebbles. This settlement of Spoa offers a wonderful combination of great sea, nice fish taverns and scenery of old houses and wooden fishing boats. There are umbrellas to hire, natural shade, showers and is child friendly.

Ahata. An amazing route through the green forest and unique vertical mountains, will finally lead you to this amazing deep blue waters. The distance from Karpathos Town is 16km/25 min. Apart from everything else someone can do there, like snorkelling, swimming to the tiny island or just relaxing, diving is appropriate at the beach, due to its absolutely interesting bottom. If you do not feel cold enough due to the fresh mountain water coming down from the rocks, swim to the caves on the left side of the beach, by getting in there from the little holes on the rocks. An amazing day, will finish by taking a tasty meal on the tavern, some steps away from your umbrella. The terrain is with pebbles, there are umbrellas to hire, showers and it is child friendly.

Ai Thoros (Agios Theodoros) is between Arkasa and airport, while driving from the seashore road that connects those two places. You will be impressed when you see the rocky arms hugging the beach, where you will swim in crystal waters and an amazing sea bottom. Take your snorkelling equipment with you. The terrain is with pebbles and the rocks around consists of clay. On the top of the beach, there is a small tavern where you can have a nice meal. The distance from Arkasa is 6,8km and from Karpathos Town 22km/ 35minutes. There are umbrellas to hire, natural shade and it is child friendly.

Ammoopi consists of three beaches. Megali(Big) Ammoopi, Mikri(Small) Ammoopi and Votsalakia. First two are sandy and the third has pebbles. Some of the most easily accesible beaches close to Karpathos Town (8km/ 15min). Organized , crowded area with lots of taverns, mini markets, cafes and hotels. You can also swim from Megali to Mikri Ammoopi or walk to the small church of Agioi Apostoloi). There are umbrellas to hire, showers, natural shade and the beaches are child friendly. There are also ramps for wheelchairs and special WC.

Apella.  Wild beauty is what everyone thinks when facing this internationally awarded beach with fine pebbles. Unique landscape and crystal waters, makes Apella beach one of the most visited in the island and a lifetime memory. There are umbrellas to hire, natural shade, it is child friendly and 23km/ 35 minutes from Karpathos Town. If you want to park your car close to the beach, start early in the morning. Do not forget to make a few minutes stop about 2km before you reach the beach. You will have a spectacular view of the beach from above. You can also reach the beach by boat with daily cruises, departing every morning from Karpathos Town port which is very close to our apartments.

Damatria is one of the favorite beaches for many people, it combines almost everything. Fine pebbles, golden sand, emerald waters, a view of the islet Mira and a series of a few more tiny isolated beaches on the left side of the shore, where you can visit swimming or by car. If you decide to stay all day long, there is also a restaurant just a few meters from the beach. The distance from Karpathos Town is at 12,5km/25min, there are umbrellas to hire, natural shade and it is child friendly.

Diakoftis is one of the most beautiful beach in Karpathos. Emerald shallow waters, white sand with pieces of corals and shells and the impressive landscape will leave you breathless. Last 4 km to this heaven is gravel road. The hill/rock opposite right is called Kastelos (castle), because it looks like fortress. There is also another beach, with the same name, next to it, where you can go on foot, about 50 meters away. There is also a cafe with refreshments. The distance from Karpathos Town is at 21km/35 min, there are umbrellas to hire and it is child friendly.

Kira Panagia. This is the beach that you may see in the most magazines or articles about the island, due to its many unique characteristics. It offers emerald deep waters, amazing vertical cliffs, rock in the sea where you can dive from and a nice church on its top, where you will definately take pictures. There are sparse fishing boats, some restaurants, rooms and hotels if you decide to stay more than one day. You can also visit Kira Panagia beach by daily boat cruises from Karpathos Town port which is close to our apartments. The distance from the town is 14km/25 min, there are umbrellas to hire, natural shade and it is child friendly.

Lefkos is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the island. Light golden sand, sea trees, emerald and shallow waters, will definitely make the beach one of your favorites too. There are plenty of taverns, restaurants, cafes, kiosks, car rentals, rooms and cars to let and a nice small port with fishing boats. Hold your mask and fins in hand. The distance from Karpathos Town is 36km/50min, there are umbrellas to hire, natural shade and it is child friendly.

Makri Gialos is surfers one big love. If you have not tried wind surfing in the past, this is the place you should have your first experience. Also known as 'Chicken Bay' it is the perfect place to learn. Shallow clear waters, airplanes landing on the nearby strip, make a wonderful combination for visitors. If you feel hungry, there are a few taverns around where you can enjoy a meal. The distance from Karpathos Town is 17km/25 min and it is child friendly.

Palatia is a virgin beach in the islet of Saria, north of Karpathos, where you have to go by a boat day tour. If you want, you can take your snorkelling equipment with you, if you do not, you will still be able to see the bottom of the sea just with your eyes. Saria (Nisiros in the past) was one of the four ancient towns of Karpathos. You can still see the ruins on the rocks ans visit the ancient church of Agia Sophia. The distance from Karpathos Town is 90-120 minutes by boat, the terrain is with small pebbles, there is natural shade and it is child friendly.

Kato Lakos is a wonderful beach with fine pebbles, but the appropriate mean of transport to reach it is a 4x4 or a boat, as the last 2 km is a bad gravel road. You have to take the road from Aperi village to Kira Panagia beach and a few km beafore Kira Panagia, you have to turn right (there is a sign on the road that writes Kato Lako). When you reach it, you will be amazed by the scenery, the emerald waters and the forest that surrounds the beach. Even if it is hard enough to reach, you will probably find other people, especially in high season. If you still want to be alone, you can walk to the smaller 'private' beaches on the left. Another way to get there, is to take a tour or privatetour boat. The distance from Karpathos Town is at13km/35 min, there is natural shade and it is child friendly.

Ha beach also know as Vasilis Paradise can only be reached by boat. Is a natural treasure with sand , fine pebbles,steep cliffs and rocks which end up in the water. The pirate ship 'Sophia my love' is the one which takes you there. You can swim and explore this amazing beach and then eat in the little forest. The distance with the boat is 50 min.

Mihaliou Kipos beach main characteristic is the shell fossils. You have to go down a few naturally made steps in order to reach the sand, but not hard at all. The scenic rock formation, jumping in the shallow cold waters, will make you spend many hours there. You can rest under the shell fossil covered caves and the shadow they offer depending on the time, but bring supplies with you, as you will not find any canteen. The distance from Karpathos Town is at 17km/ 30 min, the terrain is with sand and fine pebbles, there is natural shade and it is child friendly.

                                                              -source: Karpathos App

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